Trailer – “A World Away”

At a time when humanity can no longer be sustained on Earth.

Another world, a sanctuary, is created to accommodate our needs.

All the major cities– perfectly recreated on an artificial planet called Icarus.

While some believe Icarus is the future,

Others still keep hope in our first true home, Earth.

“A World Away” is a story about two people separated by distance. She lives on the man-made planet called Icarus, and he lives on Earth. In the short, we hear the thoughts of the two characters- their memories, questions, and uncertainties. I’m really excited to share this project with everyone for a few reasons. Here are three of them:

1. It’s a relationship story framed in a different genre– science fiction. I’ve always been a huge fan of scifi stories. The reason WFP hasn’t ventured into other genres is usually because of our limited time/resources, NOT because we don’t like or appreciate the genre.

2. We shot this in London!

3. I was able to work with my brother, Brian on this project. My brother is a pretty amazing artist with a crazy imagination so it’s always fun to team up with him. For this short, we designed the planet Icarus, as well as the spaceship, (nicknamed “the guppyship”). With his 3D designs, Kenson was able to composite shots to create some pretty cool imagery!

Oh and as a note, I’m aware the premise of short has been in other films like Another Earth, Elysium, and Wall-E. I love all those films and they’ve definitely been inspirations! I’d like to think this story is different in that it only follows two characters and their remaining emotions of a withered relationship.

I’ll share more on the story, my thoughts, and the process when the full short comes out April 30th! Thanks for watching!

- Wes
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A World Away - Trailer

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Written and Directed by Wesley Chan
Produced with Philip Wang, Christine Chen, Ted Fu

Doug Armstrong
Hilary Tam
Porter Lynn

Visual Effects by Kenson Lee
Music by Kenson Lee
3D Modeling by Brian Chan